Child's Kilt for a Wee Highland Lass

We vacationed on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia this summer, and I purchased a yard of our clan tartan (Gunn). I had thought to make a kilt for our little, one-year-old granddaughter. At nearly $100 per yard, the wool tartan was too costly to allow for errors, so I decided to make a test garment first.

I purchased some inexpensive flannel in a similar weight to the wool tartan, and started to decipher the kilt pattern. Making a kilt requires some thought and planning about the pattern. The flannel has a sett (pattern repeat) of 6 inches, so it was not too big for the diminutive kilt.

I played with the pleating arrangement and apron widths until I felt like it both fit the measurements and displayed nicely. Lots of pressing and starching tamed the flannel into a more workable hand.

I originally thought a two inch hem would be good, to allow for growth. But the pleats did not like the extra bulk, so I trimmed the hem to a scant 1 inch. Serging the raw edges also reduced the bulk.

I added velcro across the waistband front to allow for a better fit, and chose to have the apron opening on the right - the traditional style. 

Having completed the test kilt, I am very excited to move on to the real tartan wool!