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Lady's 18th Century Style Robe à l'Anglaise

This robe à l'anglaise was created for The Tate House in Portland, Maine. It is made from over 7 yards of peacock blue silk taffeta with a linen lining, and is sewn mostly by hand.

Gentleman's 18th Century Style Suit

This man's 18th century style suit was also made for The Tate House in Portland, ME. It consists of a sleeveless waistcoat, fall-front breeches, ruffled shirt and coat. The buttons are reproduction pewter fashioned in the style common during the 1760s.

18th Century Style Underpinnings

To achieve a proper silhouette, a lady needs to wear a set of underpinnings. This set was made for Tate House robe à l'anglaise, and includes a shift, stays (corset), pocket hoops and petticoat.

Hand-Stitched 18th Century Style Stays

These stays were a custom order and are almost entirely hand-sewn. The stays lace up in the back with hand sewn eyelets. The top and bottom edges, including the tabs, are hand-bound with narrow linen tape.

Lady's Late 18th Century Style Cap

Commissioned by James Madison's Montpelier Museum, this cap is hand sewn from white Italian organdy. It features tiny hand-rolled hems, and gathers created by narrow ties which run through the fabric channels.

18th Century Style Robe à l'Anglaise in Printed Cotton

This gown and underpinnings set was created for a client to wear to a private event. It is made from reproduction 18th century printed cotton by Colonial Williamsburg, and the petticoat is linen.